Saturday, 16 April 2016

A Social Delight of Art at the Burgh House

It's always nice to get an invite to a Private View and take up the opportunity to go and see new paintings while enjoying a glass of wine and a nibble on a bread-stick.

My sister Teri Anne Scoble asked me if I could join her and pop in to see Faces and Spaces, an exhibition of six London- based artists curated by Art Agent Sue Ecclestone at the Burgh House, Hampstead.
Burgh House, Hampstead Heath

The Burgh House is rather grand with great wood panelled rooms in the manner of the Queen Anne epoch. It has stood in style for nigh on three hundred years mostly as a private residence - but nowadays, an independent charitable trust for arts, heritage and the community open its doors for four days in the week enabling the public to visit it's museum, exhibitions and café (in good weather it can be very pleasant taking tea on the garden terrace). 

From the welcoming bar I equip myself with a cool glass of Sipsmith (never drunk this before!) gin and Fever-Tree tonic.

Refreshments bar
As you can see from this pic - my sister knows what going to an art private view is all about.

Teri gobbling a bread stick

With my G & T accessory in my hand I work my way through to the gallery.

Doorway to the gallery

There directly in front as you enter the gallery is the portrait of one of my favourite actors Timothy Spall by the artist Tim Wright.

TW was painting consultant on the film Turner, working with the actor, teaching him how to actually paint like the painter Turner for his much acclaimed performance.

Timothy Spall by Tim Wright
  Hanging close by is a sort of 'Turneresque' landscape by artist Rw Easterby
Painting by Rw Easterby
On my way out of the small select gallery my eye catches a painting by Robert Dearman (who seems fond of painting big red busses).
Painting by Robert Dearman
This picture shows the artist in a café setting.

 And there is a pretty seascape by Chris Filtness.
Painting by Chris Filtness
 I leave the paintings and make my way back towards the bar where I can hear music.

A most talented musician and beautiful singer Anoushka Lucas is holding the room entranced!
Captivating singing by Anoushka Lucas
 She is singing 🎶 a lilting kinda blues that makes me wonder if she perhaps wrote it herself.

And I sit down beside a mad hatter.
His name is Max-A-Hatter and he designs and makes hats - should you want a statement piece of headgear - I'd give him a call! He says that you will always be noticed when you wear one of his designs.

So what do you think? Should I get one?
Wanna get ahead? Get a hat!

So, wearing a hat does attract attention it seems! (If you want people to talk to you – wear a hat!) I am still wearing the hat I have borrowed from the 'mad hatter', when a guest of one of the other artists comes over and talks to me! (If you want to sit quietly and listen to music don't wear a hat!) The gentleman is an architect, and his name is Mathew Deering, and he tells me all about his debut acting on the stage and how he now wants to be an actor. And he demonstrates his sword fighting, acting skills.

On guard!
The Minack Theatre is an open-air theatre, near Land’s End that is built upon a cliff rock face overhanging the sea. It was created by a remarkable woman called Rowena Cade who, with the help of her gardener, shifted great boulders of granite to construct this unique theatre.
Anoushka Lucas plays piano and sings

The mood is jazzy and bluesy and I go to the bar for a top- up of refreshment.

Lots of people are chatting and talking about art (I presume).

When Anoushka sings her last song I drain my glass and take a last look at the paintings.

Anoushka Lucas
Walking out into a light drizzle and Flask Walk ...
...and wend our way uphill towards the high street.
For years, when I'm out this way, I have always loved to walk to the Heath along Flask Walk -  and have always looked out for an old gate that is in a high wall. It is great heavy iron and wooden gate that had come from the old Newgate prison. Big and black and armour studded with rivets. Only, this time all I see is a black hoarding where the infamous Newgate prison gate used to be. It is not there anymore! It has been replaced by a black hoarding!
Wall now devoid of historical Newgate Prison gate
Where has it gone?

Faces and Spaces
Curated by Sue Ecclestone

Faces and Spaces draws together six London-based artists who challenge traditional forms of portraiture or landscape with stunning results and runs until the 17th April 2016

The six artists

Robert Dearman
Jess de Zilva
Rw Easterby
Chris Filtness
Claire Tilroe Steve Wazowski
Tim Wright

Monday, 4 April 2016

Beautiful Singing in the City at St Ethelburga's

Happy Christmas!

Oops! The timing for uploading this concert of Singing in the City Christmas Concert 2015 at St Ethelburga’s Church, Bishopsgate, London, might be a little late in the season – but, I don't see anything wrong with enjoying a little bit of Christmas in the Spring; do you?

You can see the concert on my YouTube Global Scoble channel!
Watch the video!

 Film Editing
sound recording
The editing of this beautiful concert was delayed due to some technical reasons, and also, to some personal ones, ahem – like I was making a film in Hollywood, for instance – you know how it is. But, perhaps you don't believe me? It’s true! I spent January filming in Hollywood. But, I shall tell you all about that some other time.

Sound Recording
I have made sound recordings of some of Singing in the City's previous concerts, but this time, they asked me if I could video it. So, on an evening last December, I took along my recording equipment and one camera; and Daniel Perkin as crew.

Love of Singing
Singing in the City at St Ethelburga's church
Singing in the City is a community choir of beautiful voices who sing ‘a Capella’. The choir meets regularly in the city of London to rehearse. They welcome anyone to join and there is no need to audition. Their members range from absolute beginners to the very advanced. All the requirement that is needed to join is a love of singing. The aim of the group is to foster musicianship and friendship.

Love of singing
Members' Quotes
(from the Singing in the City website)

"I love the friendships, the camaraderie and the sound"
"It's the highlight of my week"
"Thanks very much for the warm welcome, the singing is great and this is the friendliest group I have come across in my 36 years in London"

 Link  Singing in the City website

Stained glass window in St Ethelburga's

St Ethelburga’s

St Ethelburga’s is a little church that has stood in the heart of the city for a very long time – going back to at least 1250 AD. The church was dedicated to St Ethelreda who was a 7th-century abbess from Barking. The tiny mediaeval church had been a rare survivor of the Great Fire of London and the Blitz in World War II only to suffer near total destruction by an IRA terrorist bomb on the 24th July 1993 that exploded in Bishopsgate causing extreme (and expensive £350-million-pound bill) devastation to  the area. The church’s very existence was in the balance with a faction of the Church of England proposing that the ruined church was permanently demolished. Fortunately, ‘The Friends of St Ethelburga’s’, along with a huge public outcry, prevented the complete demolition and secured its future with it being rebuilt to its original plan, albeit with many changes to its interior.

Detail of stained glass window

You can find a video recording of The Singing in the City Christmas Concert 2015 which was performed in aid of the War Child refugee crisis appeal, on my Global Scoble YouTube channel. Here is a link to the concert -  Watch the video!


Concert programme
Ave Maria - Arranged by Helen Yoemans
Ise Oluwa - Traditional Yoruba Spiritual , arranged by Dee Jarlett
Adiemus -  Composed by Karl Jenkins, choral arrangement by Nicholas Hare
Ide Were -  Traditional Yoruba Spiritual chant to the Orisha Oshun, arranged by Dee Jarlett
Walk Dem Bones - Traditional Spiritual  arranged by Saundra Berry Mussa
White Christmas -  Composed by Irving Berlin, arrangement  by Katie Rose
Coventry Carol - Traditional English Carol
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Composed by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane
Here is My Home - Composed by Si Kahn,, arranged by Sarah Morgan
Gaudete - Traditional carol in Latin meaning 'rejoice!'